I am a painter, a writer, a photographer, a wife, and a mom (in no particular order).  My watercolors are based on things I see in real life that call out to me as an artist, so naturally the topics are diverse.  My style also varies on what I'm painting, from realism to whimsy.  If paint gets splattered on the walls, the carpet, my glasses, the dog, so be it.  I have a BFA in graphic design, but that's from a different time, so my painting technique is self taught.  My work reflects that.  I love to paint beautiful things, but give me an alley with lots of character and broken glass and I'm in heaven.  One might say that describes my personality as well.  

Feel free to "share", "like", "retweet", "post" and all the other social media things I barely understand.  Most of all, I hope you enjoy my paintings. 

Make yourself at home!